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An iron-on patch of Canada's National Flag worn on backpacks or cheap jackets by travelling American Tourists, of various ages. It usually is displayed in European cities with red-light districts or easy access to marijauna, or drugs.

This tactic is rather dated and unfortunately displays the Americans ignorance that they have of they of the world around them. This includes affordable world-wide travel and the easy accesiblilty of multi-media, as well as no respecting Canadian that travels abroad wears a Canadian flagpatch.
U.S Tourist 1: Hey, don't forget to iron on my Canadian flagpatch on my backpack before we go to Amsterdam.

U.S. Tourist 2: Oh Yeah! I hear they love Canadians and are really nice to them. I bet we'll score some better stufftoo, if we have bigger patches.

U.S Tourist 1: Yeah! Do they Speak English over there?
by bibliogoddess14 November 10, 2009
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