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Initially synonymous with industrious, now defined as 'Willing to lie about what's feasible and what's not in order to gain a competitive edge.' See also 'Suck-up' and 'Shitty Implementation'.
Manager: 'Will the new system be able to deliver streamlined accountancy functionality in rigorously flexible capacity according to our shareholders' needs?
Sales rep: 'Yep.'
M: 'Will it synergise our block transfer mechanism and the coffee machine?'
S: 'Yep'.
M: 'Can it shit rainbows?'
S: 'Yep. Marshmallows too.'
M: 'I like it. I like your can do attitude. I like it because I want my computer to shit rainbows and YOU can do that.'
S: 'Yuuuup.'

2 weeks later there was a fire. Emergency services determined that it was caused by peeps melting into the CPUs of every computer in the office. 3 men died.
by nippondog July 05, 2012
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