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An underground rapper, vocalist, and producer known for his charismatic and creative approach that is under appreciated by the majority of the rap community, but deemed creative, dope, and original by his audience.

Originally from Ohio, Camu is notorious for marking Ohio onto the world underground hip hop through the emergence of the now defunct MHz crew. Camu's record label is New York based label Definitive Jux and is of part rap and production groups such as Central Services, The Weathermen, S.A. Smash, Nighthawks, and MHz. His frequent collaborators may include El-P, Cage, and Aesop Rock - and other WM members.

Just recently Camu passed away, and proved through his passion, humor, and enjoyment that he will never be defunct through hip hop.
R.I.P. Camu Tao
June 6th, 1977 - May 25th, 2008
"Death, where have you been all my life."
Your pain is over.
by Aysad June 17, 2008
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