When your friend has a really hot dad with a massive chode
"Wow that guys is definitely Cams Dad
by mrmanbot July 12, 2021
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An old analog camera that your dad probably used back in the day. Dad cams are most often second-hand and use record-to-tape formats such as Betamax, VHS-C, 8mm, or MiniDV. Cameras that shoot to digital hard drives or memory cards should not be considered dad cams. The grainy, nostalgic, and perhaps crappy quality of this type of film had a resurgence in popularity from 2015 onward, particularly in r&b and hip-hop music videos. Now, you'll often find dad cam worked into high-budget commercials, movies, television shows, and more.
"Whoa! Is that a 1997 JVC Camcorder? Sick dad cam, my dude!"

"I love how they integrated dad cam into this music video."

"Who needs an 8K cinema camera when you can have dad cam?"

"The dad cam aesthetic is so fire, bruh, no cap!"
by IFHT Films January 6, 2023
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