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A very concentrated drink made by college students before exams to help them stay awake and study.

1 10mg Adderall pill
1 cup of your favorite ice coffee
1/2 can of small redbull

Grind up the adderall and mix it with the ice coffee and redbull. A few sips should keep you up for a minimum of 48 hours.

Side effects include:
- Extreme headaches
- Loss of appetite
- Non-stop talking
- Insomnia
- Insomnia again
- Some more Insomnia
- Good grades
- Bad grades
- Constipation
- Increase in your Halo 3 rank

Many people smoke a bowl of marijuana after to mellow them out a bit, and to make everything you see more interesting.
Johnny sipped on a Campus Cocktail the night before his biology exam.
by akilleezz October 10, 2009
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