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Totally awesome female, named after a beautiful flower, always has haters because she's just that awesome, has a bestfriend thats better than yours, and a couple close friends that can beatup your lame friends, hates drama but cant keep it away from her because people are so obsessed with her. Does not ever care wut ne1 says or thinks about her, because she knows they just wish they could be her.

p.s. had a party lastnight, sorry u couldnt cum, yur boyfriend did, TWICE!! haha!
1. DamN That GirL Camillia, i'm so jealous of her, i think i'm gonna go talk trash because i know ill never be her! (Boo HooHoo Mommy!)
2. Girl1: Omg my man so screamed out another girls name in bed lastnight, he said it was his dreamgirl.

Girl 2: What was the name?

Girl 1: He called me Camillia!! :(

Girl 2: Damn!
by The Girl Of Your Dreams69 April 05, 2010
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