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The Cameron Martin Swagga is a dance move invented in Tahoma Senior Highschool by the ghetto black child, Cameron Martin himself. The move consists of a thrusting/humping motion of the hips to the left side, then the right side and is to be done in the day and in the night.

How did the Cameron Martin Swagga come to be? Once upon a time, in Global Academy, Cameron Martin was getting hated on by Alaskan haters and angry black women that threw quarters in his face. So Cameron Martin did what Cameron Martin did best, he swagga'd on and he swagga'd away those evil do'ers. When people challenged his raping skills, he swagga'd. When a science teacher caught him making a statement, he swagga'd. Even when crazy white bitches flipped a shit and chased him into the bathroom, he swagga'd.

So whenever you are in doubt,
Swagga to the left.
Swagga to the right.
Swagga in the day.
Swagga in the night.
Do it every day, till its got you feeling right.

Bring it back, son.
Cameron: "I Cameron Martin Swagga him from behind..."
Person #1: "You swagged a guy?"
Cameron: "Yeeea dawg!"
by Daniiiiiiiiii October 26, 2010
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