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A practitioner of the ancient art of Camera Ninjutsu, the art requires the martial arts sneak into every photo unnoticed and hiding in the background. When becoming a Camera Ninja the fighter must partake in a blood oath swearing that they will be in a photo everytime one is taken in their vicinity, if the oath is broken it will require some form of Seppuku but using a Camera instead of a knife. Camera Ninjas have super ninja powers, such as the ability to sense the moment a camera is lifted, predicting the best angle with the current lighting, super speed to get to the picture in time and many more. Camera Ninjutsu can also be fought as a sport (known to some as Shotokan Camera Ninjutsu) in the sport the fighters are given points based on the style of their Ninjutsu; extra points being given for proper attire (E.g GIs, Camera Lens Shurikens, Tripod Bo Staff etc). While not fully acknowledged by the Camera Ninja Elders, Shotokan Camera Ninjutsu is quite popular in Japan, China, Laos, The Russian Federation, Wales, Botswana and England. While it was not featured in the more recent Olympics, word has it that it might feature in the next as a new sport.
Sam: Dude is that a Ninja in the back of our photo
Kris: Camera Ninja actually, those guys are sneaky motherfuckers.
by Nex Solo December 07, 2010
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