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A gas station or mini mart owned by a middle easterner. Camel Stores are usually small and dirty. The owner usually speaks little or no English. Camel Store bathrooms are particularly dirty, they also water down their gas. Camel Store owners sell junk food under WIC and Food Stamps, they also ring up multiple bags of pork rinds for black people buying Newport's with food stamps. Signs in the windows usually read in big print "WE ACCEPT QUEST CARDS" Camel Stores cheat the lottery so you never get any good scratch off's or paper tickets. If a jackpot is won at a camel store it's usually by the owner. Camel Stores in bad neighborhoods get robbed a lot, so they put prison like bars over the glass windows with a little slot to put your money into. Generally, camel stores are a last resort. Popular names for camel stores are Marathon, Mobil, Amaco, 7-11, and occasionally BP, Speedway, and Citgo. Some also have off names like Hico or Himalayan.
"Don't shop at Marathon, that's a camel store"
"I bought a powerball from the camel store and lost, I only got 10 miles to the gallon from their gas too"
by TobiMikami August 27, 2014
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