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A CamCamNoob is a person under the age of 10 that trys to make themselves seem tough
and/or badass by threating Forums or other Boards with Law Suit's when they are
banned for being a "douche muncher".

There are many Varietys of CamCam's but the most common and by far the worst
kind is the "CamCamNoob".

A CamCamNoob will manage to disguise themselves as a helpfull member in a
community inorder to gain a position of power. They will then abuse the power
and get themselves banned. Then they will do what CamCam's do best. Fail.

CamCamNoobs are also easily recognizable by there attempt to sing the song Code
Monkey's on youtube.

The best way to get rid of a CamCamNoob from your forum is to give out there
personal information and if possible adress. Then allow the community to do what
it sees fit with that information. Sending free sample Tampons is also very

Another term for a CamCamNoob is an INoob.
This camcamnoob has been trying to get back into the forums lately useing
diffrent names. To bad he is stupid enough to tell people who he is.=
by Rangegod February 21, 2009
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