pronounced Cahm-brydge

A small city west of Toronto filled with record high teenage pregnancies and drug use, due to boredom. The city is split into three areas (Galt, Preston, and Hespeler) which are constantly feuding over which is more 'Ghetto.' About 90% of the towns population smoke marijuana on a regular basis, and from time to time you can observe them doing so, walking down Queen st (the oldest area in Hespeler, filled with crack heads and junkies.) The favourite food of the Cambridge suburbanites is Twice The Deal pizza.
"Yo man i gotta reach Cambridge Ontario for some blow."
by xChantalx November 13, 2008
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Cambridge is a small-medium sized town Southwest of the GTA.

Its residence consists of mostly scene/emo kids and people who wish they were gangsters. In reality, nothing ever happens in Cambridge that denotes enough reason to be 'emo,' and nothing badass enough happens to be 'gangster.'

Cambridge is split in to three (3) sections.

Galt: Mostly old rich people. You won't find many black people here, unless you go to GCI (a ghetto highschool). It also has a fountain in the downtown that often gets 'soaped.'

Preston: AKA Shit-Cambridge. This is where you go if you're poor, dirty, or a crack dealer. There are rumors that there is a school in Preston, but in reality, no one who's ever even been to Preston is smart enough to have had an education.

Hespeler: This part of Cambridge is the closest to HWY 401, which means it's closest to LEAVING Cambridge, which gives it a distinct advantage over the other two thirds.
Hey guys, I was traveling to London from Toronto the other day, and my car broke down in Cambridge Ontario. While I was there, nothing of interest happened.
by csiK1R4 January 8, 2010
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