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In order to reenact this u will need you and four of ur clsoest friends. all of u will begin by gettin ass naked with a lemon up the ass. While doing so four of the members will lay another down and smother him in beef. While doing so they will cum all over him for an extra kick to the spices.After this has taken place the 3 standing members will cover them selves in mac mustard, tomato,clams ,lettuce, cheese, and chilli and wrestle the laying member for 20 mins or so. When done they will gather all of the scrappings and equally divide them into taco shells for a delicious treat.
Stew: What did you and the boys do last night?
Drew: Guess.
Neil: Have you ever had a Cambodian clam taco lol?
Drew: Yeah a clam taco lol
Stew: I want a cambodian clam taco.
Drew&Neil: Be over at 7p.m.
by forest bensen May 27, 2010
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