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" Cambodian Arm Wrestling"

One of the more ancient hand to hand form of combat dating from the Golden Cambodian era, it is believed to have formed around the years of 952-1056 b.c. Carbon dating of artifacts depicting this rigorous form of what is believed to be a type of "martial art's" cannot be proved to a certain date. It has been passed through many Generations with stories of great heroes who have fallen and proved victorious through-out the many years. Heroes such as "Chann Ancaly," "Ponlok Reach,"and the most famous "Visothirith Sokhanya."

-Fighting style-

With most martial art's there are specific body parts and forms of footwork involved, luckily this is one of the more easy or basic fighting styles. In order to become a Champion "Cambodian Arm-wrester" you need to master a psychological grasp on yourself which comes in very handy and takes years to master. Some battles have been known to last hours or days until contestants become raw or there arms grow tired. Foot work does not matter a whole bunch unless you want to cut off blood circulation to your "Penis" it mostly involves your better arm, preferably your right arm, due to certain laws and changes to make it more fair they allow left handed people to participate.

-Getting into battle-

In order to begin; choose an opponent wisely, once you have chosen one, flap your wings vigorously and strut like a chicken to try to intimidate him. (Chickens are among one of there sacred animals such as the dog so they try to mimic/worship each one). If he does not reside from battle you will race to unbutton your pants as fast as you can to gain a lead. Jump towards him and plant your feet strong for it may last a while, Grasp his penis in your good arm and begin to work your hand up and down his "Cock" (I.e. Cambodians prefer to call there "penis" a cock because of the chicken analogy) The faster you can move the better, some men can reach up to 7 strokes per-second. In order to become victorious you must make your opponent ejaculate before you can them gather the semen in your hand and slap him in the face leaving a white mess of ooze, If you can pull that off while leaving a red hand-print on him from the slap he will suffer the most embarrassment and be shunned by his people. Some people believe this "sport" to be degrading while others believe in sticking to tradition to preserve there culture, in the end no one really wins or loses, But in there minds they almost always win.
" Becoming a Cambodian arm-wrestling champions is of the highest honor and title in Cambodia"
by Nianininajarr January 02, 2008
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A form of arm wrestling where two men strip and beat each-other off. The winner in the one who makes his opponent ejaculate first (No one really loses in the end though.
"Hey wanna do some cambodian arm wrestling, i hear you cant lose!"
by jsjjagduwhfdf November 23, 2007
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