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1. The ultimate arena to prove shenanigans. Where an individual creates a tinychat to prove his stuff.

2. Where camwhores go to find their true calling in life.

3. When you see a girl flash on tinychat and manage to take a screen shot.
Dbolt: Yo did you see what she did last night?
FengWei: Yeah, she put a bong in her ass and her vagina.
Dbolt: CAMFTW!
FengWei: Let's get some chicken and waffles, I'm hungry.

JackieChan: I'm having anal sex with my roommate.
Woman: PROVE IT!
JackieChan: *turns on webcam*
Woman: CAMFTW !

Anon7676: My name is Anon7676 and I have a problem. I was arrested for streaming CP trying to score some CAMFTW
by Doldrum May 18, 2010
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