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A fanboy who is a Call of Duty "gamer". Basically the worst human being to walk on Earth.

Vocabulary: Nigga, Fuck, Shit, (New player) sucks, etc. In other words, insults.

Also, one who is a corrupt fanboy is an uneducated idiot who speaks in double-negatives.
Me: Why the heck is someone talking smack on Team Fortress 2? And that guy is cussing uncontrollably.

COD Fan-Idiot: Shut up, nigga. Call of Duty is better than that Team Shitress 2.

Me: If you don't like it, then why talk smack on it?

COD Fan-Idiot: Shut the fuck up, nigga, ain't nobody got no time for you. Stupid niggerish nerd

Me: You Call of Duty Fan-Idiots disgust me.
by Shero.EXE January 03, 2014
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