An American war game phrase that refers to the common Bullshit encountered on Call of Duty, an American Sensation.

Call of Duty Bullshit can cause the repeated use of curse words such as fuck, bitch, queer, pussy, noob, along with others. It has also been related to holes in walls caused by controllers being thrown. It can also cause the banning of your xbox account for harassing the other players.

All of this can be yours for a low price of $60!
(Not including the ridiculously priced map packs)
"Dude it's just the normal Call of Duty Bullshit."

1.) When you knife the other person but the game believes you didn't.
2.) You are killed by a noobtubing flamer, just when you are about to get a kill streak.
3.) When you shoot someone a million times because they have painkiller and just turn around and kill you.
4.) When a person falls into last stand and shoots you once and you die.
5.) When you are on the edge of a kill streak, which is ruined by an enemy helicopter or harrier which kills you at least 5 times.
6.) When a bunch of assholes on the other team flash/stun you at least five times before they proceed to spray the shit out of you.
7.) Tactical Nuke.
by Call of Duty is Bull June 2, 2010