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Theory 1 - If a player is talking and is 12yo or younger he and all others that age sound the exact same.

Theory 2 - If a player is 12yo or younger he will do nothing but say/yell/scream "SKIP THE MAP! SKIP THE MAP! HURRY, SKIP THE MAP!"

Theory 3 - No one under the age of 18 is supposed to be playing CoD. However we all know that is bullshit and no one cares about that. However no one under the age of 15 should be allowed to because they are stupid immature little shit heads who do nothing but complain all the way through the fucking match.

Theory 4 - If you have a microphone(headset), and you do not talk to other people on your team, YOU SIR ARE A DOUCHE!

Theory 5 - If you do not have high-speed internet or a good connection do not play CoD. You will cause all other players to get pissed off when you finally lose connection.

Theory 6 - The only reason you should camp is if you are a sniper. Other than that you wold be stupid to camp because people will do nothing but repeatedly kill you each time you hide or attempt to hide in a certain spot.

Theory 7 - If you have any common sense at all you already know these theories are facts and you are wasting your time reading this.

Call of Duty: Theories

Real Life Example:

- Map: Downfall -


{Player 2} - "Hey kid how old are you?"

{Player 1} - "I'm 12. Why do you want to know?"

{Player 2} - "LOL. Hey everyone my theory i told you guys earlier is right see. LOL. Every kid on here under 12 sounds fucking the same and they all fucking tell you to skip the map!"

{Player 3} - "Ya dude. This is like the hundreth time this same thing has happened to me."

{Player 1} - "Oh yea then how old are you?"

{Player 2} - "17"

{Player 1} - "Oh yea... well... I FUCKED YOUR MOM LAST NIGHT!"

{Player 2} - " I bet you did"

{Player 3} - "LOL. You havn't even hit puberty yet kid. LOL. Matter of fact you probaly don't even know what fuck means.

{Player 2} - "LOL. He left. Evidently he didn't like us.

{Player 3} - "Oh well. He was on my team and doing nothing but getting his ass killed. Don't mind him leaving at all."

{Player 4} - "BOOM! HEADSHOT!"
by Houck&Barker July 28, 2009
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