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Bandwagon fans who, despite living 3,000, miles away from Yankee stadium, root for New York's baseball team. They only watch the occasional game on ESPN, and never have to suffer through the day in, day out awful announcing of Michael Kay
Brianna: Like, OMG, Derek Jeter is sooo cute, I'm going to buy a Yankee hat

Rylan: But babe, what about the 5 baseball teams we already have in our state? Two of which we stole from New York! And how will you even watch the games? The only way to see more then 5 a year is buying the package from the cable company, and something tells me you wont be watching all 162 like New Yorkers do even if you paid for it. You're just a California Yankee Fan.
by NYY for Nyers November 04, 2008
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