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An avalanche of dirty dishes caused by your wife leaving empty bottles of water around carelessly that start a Mouse Trap like chain of epic events that ends with something heavy landing on your foot and nearly cutting off your toe.
I go to get a clean spoon out of the silverware drawer. A large Empty bottle of my wife's water tumbles onto my hand, knocking the spoon out of my hand. In an ill fated attempt to catch both the water bottle and spoon, my elbow hits a frying pan left on the stove, which propels into the air, landing on the Foreman grill which then falls on its side and the lid flips open and hits an open bag of flour that spills everywhere creating a white cloud that covers my face causing me to stagger, temporarily blinded, stubbing my toe on the rubber broom sticking out into the room, sending me stumbling into a stack of dirty dished waiting to be washed, and the stack crashes to the ground. I then bend down to pick them up, and sharply hit my head on the cupboard when standing back up. The heavy glass lid from the frying pan falls off the counter from the thump of my head on the cupboard. It falls off, hitting my foot nearly cutting off my big toe. This is a fully blown Calamivanche.
by Lucien V April 03, 2014
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