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Calabaza : Thus the original significate for this word its a vegetable, it is also used to name the shit than comes off your rectum. In mexico calabaza serves also to name that shittiy attitude that some dude bros tend to display in public. It can range from a wide variety of topics where they are experts or "the shiznit" in every single one of them. You can spot the "calabaza" in parties or alcohol meetings, stealing all the atention possible. The main objective of "tirar calabaza" is getting the chics and apeear as a cool guy.
Hey girl, have I told you when I went to (a foreign country) for the summer? it is a nice region to live but I found more interesting to be at your side in this moment honey. - Ah pinche (dude name) como tiras calabaza! - ( Hey dude, you throw so much calabaza!)

While everybody is in a cool mode and chilling to the sound of nice music in a party, comes the "calabaza" guy and without authorization grabs the ipod and says: hey I got better songs, kick ass! and put some shitty playlist of him and say ohh this is cool and everybody gets the WTF face.
by alonsonajera January 15, 2009
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