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When you have sex with a women who has passed out, most likey due to severe inebreation. This does not include an instance where date rape drugs where used, only from the women's lack of self control. The Cal Norton pertains to a woman who has suggested sex only to pass out, as well as when a women passes out during sex and you decide the job is worth finishing.

For those who enjoy the occassional Cal Norton Jr., an excellent method is to nudge your hubby as she sleeps while suggesting sex. She may respond with a delerious grunt/sigh of apporoval. Congradulations, time for a Cal Norton Jr.

The Cal Norton Jr. is a complex and delicate interation, demonstrating the true passion between only the most intimate of lovers.

origin-NASCAR Country
Woman: (Cries of extacy as you pound her, savagley)

Man: Grunts of manly delight


Man: Hmmm, what the hell? (He decides to resume the smash fest)

This is a classic example of the always enjoyable and unbelievably classy, Cal Norton Jr. (Talladega Nights). Yea Boi!
by CavemanBossDoot July 06, 2011
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