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(Typically a Male name)

Cajmere is a strong, determined man who never lets anything stop him. He can go from passionate to stone cold if you mess with him the wrong way. If you find him, not only will he go from a stranger to a best friend in a matter of months, he could possibly steal your heart and make you fall for him HARD. He can be charming and cunning beyond belief, using it to his advantage when he can, yet is highly intelligent. His intelligence shines most when talking about subjects he loves. His charms and strength may attract other ladies to the table, but due to his wits and strong compass when it comes to love, he can set all other aside for his lady, as well as playing with anyone he so chooses With these virtues at hand, unwanted attention, some stubbornness, and a one tracked mind are small dents in him, but these are FAR from denting all his glory. If you find a Cajmere, let him know that he's one in a million to you and far past whatever he sees himself as. He's as Godly as they can come to our planet.
I envy that dude named Cajmere, he's like a freaking rock!
by DevilishGirl78 June 10, 2018
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