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Home to the riffiest of the rafs, located just 15 minutes south of Smithville, this town has spunk!!!! Love takin a day trip around the town, looking at everything it has to offer, including, Caistorville Golf Club, Levi's Cows, a couple drunk folks and some corn. The aroma of 1/3 manure, 1/3 weed (grown by the locals) and 1/3 murdered guy draws many crowds in for a night in the shop. Beware of the drunk drivers past 10am any day of the week.
Where's you come from?

It's 11am on a Wednesday, WHY ARE YOU DRUNK?!... you smell like weed..
What? It's Caistorville, what do you expect?
by Smithville's Miracle February 05, 2018
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