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Cahlia’s can have many names, such as hari (ha-ri). You would pronounce the (ha) like your coughing up flem. Then roll the tongue when saying (ri).

Aside from the pronunciation. Cahlia are often the most exciting among family members with her engaging charm and her daredevil personalities. Nothing can stop an ambitious Cahlia who is intent on achieving her career goal. Cahlia is a very driven sign. Along with the drive, Cahlia will work hard to get what she wants. Cahlia is not all about hard work though. Cahlia is also a dreamer. She tends to dream big too - she often reachs straight for the stars. Nonetheless, her drive and hard work allow cahlia to often get exactly what she’s aiming for.

Cahlia has a lot of talents.

1. She can roll her tongue.

2. She’s thoughtful as she beats others meats.

3. More importantly, she beats her own meat.
“Bro I really feel like beating my meat, but I don’t want to touch it.”
“Bro just hit up cahlia. She’ll be here in a jiffy, and give you a quickie.”
by Cahlia September 26, 2018
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Cahlia is a very sympathetic kind beauty woman who has a great and nice personality
She looks like a cahlia!
by Sydneu March 31, 2017
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