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Usually upper middle class Caucasian women over the age of 40 who display cat-like tendencies, such as excessive preening, napping, and glaring at everyone as if no one lives up to their expectations. Caggetts are usually blonde, shop at places like Talbots or TJ maxx, and like to use words like "splurge" and "regiment". Their favorite meal is fruit salad. Although most caggetts fall into this demographic, anyone can exhibit caggetty tendency's. These Caggett-like actions include but are not limited to, frowning upon anyone overweight or with out a college degree, talking about how much better other peoples children are, freaking out about petty materialistic possessions.
Oh God, This baby shower is going to be infested with Caggetts. I dont know how im going to survive this Caggettry (caggett Pageantry)!
by Chigbot25 May 18, 2010
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