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Cady Meyer is usually a girl with a strong urge for a person or a thing as a bf/gf. Usually has as odd obsession with something weird or not normal. Like Memes, Anime, or hot boys that are out of her league. They'll show you the time of your life if you choose to be her friend, so be careful to never let them go. If they ever decide to leave you, just remember that it took a lot out of them because they usually get attached to people or things. Although, they do have a hard time showing their emotions and therefor are usually single.
Chris: Dude, I'm begging to think I'm getting attached to this rock... I mean, look at it's curves, it's color, how it kinda-doesn't look like that one girl i lo-

Jayden: Hey, watch out, you might end up like Cady Meyer
by Pojo Hype August 27, 2017
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