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The best American-made luxury crossover you can buy. Definitely surpasses the Lexus RX in style and function. It has everything you could possibly want on a luxury crossover. It has a pop-up navigation screen, tri-zone climate control, a panoramic sunroof, driver information center, and the softest leather you can ever have the pleasure to feel. It is often referred to as the car that brought Cadillac into the sportier, and more spacious part of the market. It could even compete with Mercedes-Benz. Not everyone can get to say that they drive a Cadillac, so SHOW IT OFF!
John: Sweety, do you like your new Cadillac SRX?

Jane: I love it, honey! All my friends are sooo envious! They wish the never got their Mercedes!
by IJM1996 June 24, 2012
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