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This is a slight variation and more athletic version of the Eiffel Tower (a sexual position between two men and one woman, upon which the woman gets on all fours and allows both men to insert their penises in her from opposite sides. They will then clap hands above her in fits of joy, forming what uncannily appears to be the Eiffel Tower in Paris).

However, the Caddywompur involves a scaled down volleyball net and a ball that must be referred to as "Ball". The three participants must proceed with standard Eiffel Towering procedure. Although, the girl must strap the net to her back, erecting a level playing field for the opposing men. Upon insertion of both male genitalia, the game begins. Instead of the presumed clap above the female, the men will indulge in a friendly, yet competitive game of volleyball while thrusting into their respective orifice. If a penis slips out during play, that player loses a point. Matches are held to 12 points.
Holy hell, that was a fun camping trip. Too bad we only Eiffel Towered her. Next time we should bring some poles, a net, and a ball so we can full on Caddywompur.
by johnnyringo November 27, 2010
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