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1) Name given to one in a more friendly way instead of calling him a retard. However, it can also be used as a very harsh insult when in class when the teacher be right next to you. A cactus tetard is the type of smartass who gets the most obvious things wrong. If you ever see a cactus tetard, you will find that he looks normal at first but then 5 seconds later he will put on a bigboi rape face. If you are in a group and happen to find a cactus tetard in a group, try to take him out before he can pull the rape face. So then you will not be seduced and get horny.
1) Boi 1 "Fuck it's a cactus tetard! You get the legs I'll get the head and body."

2) Cactus tetard " What's 4+4-8?"

Boi 2 " 0 You Cactus Tetard"
by BigBoiKefla November 07, 2018
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