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a mythological creature that is rino/cactus/poodle. It's description is; The shape and form of the poodle dog, sporting rino horns,- a small one on the nose, a big one on the head, horns for claws and 3 horns on the tip of its tail.It is the color of a cactus and has cactus flesh for muscles, and needles all over like a cactus. The cactoodle is a serious issue in urban areas where its mythological habitat has been threaghtened by man. Conservationists warn that even though it is cute and looks friendly, it is NOT friendly, it is a wild animal and should be treated with respect and awe. Or fear and disgust. The cactoodle has shown a preocupation with chewing on satelite cable and other technology, as well as errant fruitloops, like the ones reading this description.
"Mom theres a cacktoodle in the yard chewing on the satelite cable again for the fith time in two days,(grrr)". OR
"Watch out for that cactoodle over there. If he comes at you, give him whatever he wants and RUN!"
by mirza Lord/Jacob Karbacka September 26, 2007
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