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He’s one of the nicest sweetest guys you will ever meet. He’s so sweet he will do anything for you and be there for you. He tells you everything and trusts you. He will keep your secrets and anything you tell him to himself. He’s not one of those guys to go after just to have send he’s one of the most perfect men you will ever meet. He won’t go after girl for just one thing he loves everything about her and pays attention to the little things in life and truly loves whoever he has. If you ever get a cabbott be praying you stay with them.
Girl- “omg Cabbott dang whoever his girlfriend is she’s damn lucky”

Other girl- “yea he’s sooo sweet and does everything she asks and I wish I had one of him”
Girl-“ yea both of us here”
by Jwsoftballlovers May 23, 2018
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