Cabbage Mouth:

1. Cabbage Mouths are usually dirty ole bastards at their wits’ end with fucked up shitty beards; and everything they say is just as fucked as their beards.

2. Cabbage Mouths usually have filthy beards and a smoke-stained set of rotten whiskey teeth.

3. Everything they say is irrelevant because of how fucked their mouths look. Their words sound just as shitty as their mouths look.

4. Cabbage mouths can usually be found hanging around ugly bitches, skanks, slackers, guys named Skeeter, and also shitty bearded douchebag bikers.

5. It is highly likely that someone with a cabbage mouth has fucked up teeth that are going in every direction.

6. These are poor ole bastards with mouthfuls of fucked up teeth.

7. A person with cabbage mouth tendencies usually has chaw slaw (chewing tobacco spit) all over his or her shitty looking beard.
“Hey Skeeter! Did you see that “Cabbage Mouth motherfucker with the shitty beard? “His beard is so fucked! His teeth were fucked too – like a fuckin cat shit in his mouth and his fucked beard.”

"Hey, check out ole Cabbage Mouth over there, his beard is fucked."
by Jmccaffrey October 23, 2014
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