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As the name suggests, Cabaniss Boys are men who live, or have lived, in Cabaniss Residence Hall at Virginia Commonwealth University. This hall, built in 1967, houses quite possibly the most amazing group of men you will ever meet. Cabaniss Boys are smart, strong, athletic, and VERY popular with the ladies. It is a well known fact that Cabaniss Boys get the most play of any group of men not only at VCU, but of any group of men in the greater Richmond area. Cabaniss Boys also are known for the obscene amount of alcohol they can consume without causing serious bodily harm unto themselves; these men drink alcohol like there is a shortage.
Hot Girls At A Party:
Hot Girl #1: I have a huge crush on that guy over there.
Hot Girl #2: Ohhh him, thats one of those Cabaniss boys. He hooked up with me at the beginning of the school year.
Hot Girl #3: He hooked up with me too!
Hot Girl #4: Me three!
Hot Girl #1: Look at how good he is at beer pong!
by Ram Madness! December 14, 2004
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