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It's in every New York movie, the legend of being "Cab'd"
It's that situation that never happens in real life...
It's the popular ghetto slang term that, I regret to inform you, has never been popular, let alone existent...
1. To be Cab'd: To hail a cab, see them make eye contact, then watch in despair as they drive off into the sunset.
2. be Cab'd (yes there is a pun): You have successfully hailed a cab, congratulations! However, as you turn around to put your last bags in the boot, you see the cab is not there, it is but a yellow dot in the distance.
Trending ghetto slang in the year 2020 s described as:
My nigga, you've just been Cab'd
*you hail a cab and pick up your luggage*
*cab drives away*

*from the back seat you can distinctly see the face of a smug American laughing at your misfortune*
Fellow American: Hey it's like that scene from... every rom com movie set in... New York...
Narrator: well this is not unusual, it's in the movies... you've just bee cab'd
by Pengueleon April 18, 2017
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