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A great American college located on Long Island, NY, affiliated with the 7th largest university in the world, Long Island University. Although the CW Post Pioneers may not be the best college sports team its champions reside among the Postie Toasties which is the typical name for the vast group of pot-heads which make up 60% of the CW Post population, the other 40% being Asian. Most of the college dorm room festivities are held on Thursday nights which is a sad excuse for a labeled party day seeing as everybody still parties on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as well. With it's wide landscape stretching over Old Brookville and Greenvale as well, it's a great place for the rich, drunk, high, completely unsober population to stretch their legs and go exploring. Some majors include film, business, education and getting fucked up (art). All the girls are hot and all the guys are burnt and with everybody and their mother selling pot, there's no room for any other drugs. The campus itself is famous for begging for more funds than building pointless structures for staff. Public Safety is quite useless unless your car battery dies, often refered to as ".5-0" and "Pubic Softees". Many other college goers visit this campus, sometimes almost on a regular basis, to partake in the CW Post experience. So if u like hot girls, being rich, marijuana, and riding ambulances like taxis, than CW Post is the place for you!
guy 1: What'd you do last night?
guy 2: I don't remember, I just woke up in an ambulance
guy 1: You must've been at Post

"I was at CW Post smoking a spliff while fucking your mom"
by JJoint October 14, 2009
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