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Known as one of the top CUNY's in the CUNY system, its really the school for people for get rejected from NYU and Columbia. It's in the Upper east side of Manhattan and yet it's dorms are in a completely different part of the city (your meant to commute to school while your dorming, which defeats the purpose to dorm in the first place). It's a large school with about 15 to 20 thousand students and yet again its dorms only hold about 6 or 7 hundred people (again, makes no sense). People at this school either take it seriously like its another NYU (even though it doesn't even compare), or don't take it seriously here at all (since it is another CUNY) and end up failing out. It's also known as one of the most diverse schools in the country, but then again, what public school in NYC isn't a diverse school? And also known for being one of the ugliest campus's in the country. It's easy for even the ugliest of people to find someone here for them since this school is mostly a combination of nerds and lazy popular/wanna be popular people. But Hunter College is the school to go to if you want to go to school in New York, New York; commute from home for all 4 years of college (unless you get into their honor's college and get a free dorm room, or amazingly enough get an impossible to get dorm room), and have no social life.
person # 1: So yea, I ended up coming here since I didn't get into NYU and it's still in the city.

person # 2: Yea, same here. One of my friends that's a senior here finally got a dorm room here after trying to since he was a freshman.

person # 1: Oh, really? How does he like it?

person # 2: He hates it. There's never anything to do and he still has to walk to the subway to get here everyday.

person # 1: This is what happens when you go to CUNY Hunter College.
by N0 1 wi11 ev3r kn0w March 09, 2009
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