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Acronym: Clicked to downvote.

Refers to the act of clicking on a link, forum posting, online video, or similar posted item with a rating option for the sole purpose of rating it negatively (such as a thumbs down, one star, or dislike). Perhaps most frequently done in response to over-hyped, empty, "featured" content displayed prominently on various websites, or the "most popular" section. The acronymn is then posted in the comments on such item after downvoting it.

In the case of YouTube and other online video sites, conveniently spares the user from having to actually watch the video, as it's location on the site, title, thumbnail, and originator are often enough to immediately determine-- with certainty-- that a video is shallow garbage.

Note On Usage: Since the quality of a video is technically a subjective matter, this can sometimes lead to arguments or be seen as trolling. Of course not everyone will universally agree that a certain video is garbage, because the world is full of idiots.
***A post in comments, after seeing a YouTube video titled "HATERZ GONNA HATE," clicking the thumbnail and pressing the "thumbs down" button., might say...***

"CTDV... Do people really watch this garbage? Popular entertainment is sinking to new lows, IMHO."

Or the term may simply be left on it's own.


Alternatively spelled, CtDV.
by JS Harned September 04, 2010
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