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A culturallly transmitted disease that attacks whole cultures of people. It runs in families and some studies show that it may be caused by a gene unique to humans that can produce good results but also can also cause negative tendencies. The exact chromosome has not yet been found if this is at all the root of the disease.

(Disclaimer: Defined by TheVoiceOfPsyche)
An example of CTD: Culturally Transmitted Disease would be the Long Island Italian strain. A unique disease that causes a majority of Italians to behave in an overtly emotional manner displaying Operatic-like expressivity and using hyperbole. Anxiety is often a sympton of the disease. It originated on Long Island from the descendants of Brooklyn first generation Italians. No one knows the cause, but it is believe to be linked to an ancient Italian gene. Early onset of the disease is also very common among Long Island Italians.

(Disclaimer: Defined by TheVoiceOfPsyche)
by TheVoiceOfPsyche January 22, 2013
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