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The act of shooting someone in the head while playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive but to find that the shot went either through the player or disappeared because Valve is too busy updating gun sounds instead of fixing hit reg issues. Getting CSGO'd usually results in dying which results in a a wide range of emotion that include but are not limited to: rage, confusion, frustration, suicidal thoughts.
Guy 1: Dude my crosshair was right on his face!!!!!!

Guy 2: Get CSGO'd kid.
by Rocco Rich BagZ September 17, 2016
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A person who is literally a GOD at playng counterstrike
by aaron March 13, 2003
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A Codfish after taxidermi held together by Super-Glue.
That csgod is in remarakably good shape considering the many times it has been moved with those vagabond Norwegians the Jensens!
by Michael Ely January 22, 2004
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their skill is how much they can whore forums. usually are trying to spade on or more irc chicks
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
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