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Collective Stupidity Field Effect
A semi-tangible psychic aura that surrounds any large concentration of ignorant people. At close ranges CSFE has been shown to disrupt electronics, frighten small children, and bruise fruit. In general the power of any given CSFE is directly proportional to the number of individuals involved and inversely proportional to their distance from the subject, but this equation changes drastically in cases where the CSFE generators have access to long-distance communication technology.

CSFE exposure is measured in nubs, derived from the equation unit 'NuB/S' (Force of stupidity * gravity * coefficient of social friction * bullshit per second), with 1 nub being approximately the amount of ignorance necessary to ignore one 'sticky' thread containing the answer to your question on a message board.

Prolonged exposure to high-density CSFE has been proven to impair judgement and reduce motor skills. Use care until you are familiar with its effects.
Damn it! I got hit by a passing CSFE and now I don't remember my passwords!
by Krich January 30, 2007
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