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A Big Giant Pain In The Ass Full Of Study University Minor Stands For COMPUTER ENGINEERING
She : Dude Why Are You Dressing Like That ! Aukkkk !
He : I Study CPE at College
She: Ok I See
by Cpe Victim December 08, 2010
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commonly heard as the end of the band name corrosion cpe , the cpe stands for
(C)hesa(p)eak(e) the bands home town in virginia
Yo corrosion cpe fucking rocks dude
by Marius May 12, 2004
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This is the worst thing a man can have, a continued painful erection. A boner lasting more than 4 hours and becomes very painful.
Oh my God! I have C.P.E. somebody save me from this agony!
by CrazyKiller76 June 15, 2016
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