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Come out of the Closet. The realization any person feels when they decide to have the integrity enough to guide better paths for the ones they love and themselves. Hate it enough to love what was created in the path you walked to becoming who you (5)See(33) (**)(88) Now.
Me: (thinking)"I never want to feel this low again!"
"It hurts like Hell," Did I find that on this plane too? Mabey just in the music I hear, but still see your image in my head. When it was real for me, was it real for you too? COOTC if it was and Lets do talk about it. Don't, no, down, hound, low sounds of the esteem of Yo' self peoples, n Wiebles;) I don't want to save you, I don't blame you, I want to love you openly for what brought to my life before the fall, or my head will explode:(
by JustF00d4thghtpnnydi3dw/jonlft December 16, 2009
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