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Said by members on local dance music forums, such as AdelaideClubber.

1. To delivery a substandard quality of product. An experiance that by most would be considered relatively ordinary, or extremely average.

2. A style or mood that is not enjoyable to anyone else. A poor swagga, see 'Swagga'.

1. "I know β€˜cause I have a younger sister and what they listen to is what’s in clubs, they are the ones ruining the scene with their lack of rave knowledge and shitty drugs that effect their minds and tell them that commercal dance and electro and shitty commercal house is the best.

"I had a KFC Krusher today that was so commercal it made me sick."

2. "Man, that guy's swagga is so commercal it's making me feel commercal, what is with that? Someone should rampage him." See 'Rampage'.
by DACENSTOMP December 21, 2009
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