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The unfortunate kill that prevents a Call of Duty player from recieving a killstreak reward such as UAV (3 kills), Chopper Gunner (9 kill), Gunship (11 kill) etc. Getting a buzz-kill kills the other player's buzz, but often gives the killer a buzz of success because suddenly they have accomplished something worthwhile in life.
1st-Snipe shot, knife kill, noob tube, "UAV online."

"Eh, means nothin. Just the run of the mill COD buzz-kill."

2nd-Knife kill/tea bag,3 AK47 headshots, one accidental grenade throw kill, Claymor kill, thrity bullets to the left leg, a car you shot 2 minutes ago explodes and kills a poor bastard, "Chopper Gunner inbound."

"One more kill and I got a Chopper Gunner!" *Finds enemy on the ground. Glories in teabagging the enemy 7 seconds too long before being sniped in the head*

"NOOOO! Lajsdfkljalsdjflkjaldfjalsjfljasf COD buzz-kill!!!"
by JarJackJohn November 29, 2011
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