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Cheap Kid 4 Life or Cheap Kid For Life

A teenage kid who is extremely cheap. They are not hood, just cheap. They wear cheap clothes, thinking they are fly, and they borrow money from others and never pay them back. They will be that way for life. They will never change.
Person 1: Hey kid, where my 20 bucks you've owed me for 3 months now?
Person 2: Uhhhh, it's comin. I'm gettin paid in a few days.
Person 1: Ya ok dawg. You been sayin that since May.
Person 2: Ya, well it's comin.
Person 1: No it's not. You'z just a CK4L.
Person 2: What's that?
Person 1: Look it up in UrbanDictionary. And by the way, get some new kicks.
by CK4Lhata April 18, 2010
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