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CFL - Constable For Life; a police constable who elects to remain a constable; not wanting to take on higher titles, i.e Sergeant, Supervisor, Inspector, Chief; preferring to work in the trenches, saying NO to a white shirt position; never forgetting where he came from; what made him!
"CFL - constable for life!"

Sergeant: "are you going to move up the law enforcement ladder any time soon there 20 yr medal"?

Constable: "nah, I'm good at what I do, enforcing the law, putting bad guys where they belong...

Sergeant: "sounds like you're part of the; CFL - constable for life"

Constable: "part of it; hell I'm the founder of it; besides, it would cut into my favourite past time of collecting shoulder flashes"! Besides, you need me to make you look good Sergeant"!

Sergeant: "boys will be boys; you're right though, I need you to keep making me look good; you truly are a 20 year medal worth keeping around"! CFL - constable for life

by winnipegdude March 13, 2013
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