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CDayC is an event that happened on and took place on July 19, 2007, on the CJ in the USA Message Board. In an attempt to break the record of 1:23 for the quickest 500 topic (set by CE on CEnco de Mayo) and to honor the announced retirement of the site's creator, CJayC, users united in a never-before-seen collaboration between social boards, game boards, and world boards, among others. Notable rivalries like that between Current Events and Random Insanity were put aside in an attempt to achieve this goal. The first and most successful topic "CJayC, you're the man. This is for you. (ASCII warning)" made it to 345 posts in 32 seconds before being locked. Another topic made it to 500 in 2 minutes 45 seconds.
CDayC was sooooo cool!!
by Someonee July 26, 2007
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