The act of being a mooch, 20-25 year old guy that fucks high school girls, an alcoholic who is incapable of holding a job for more than 2 weeks, a guy who will smoke the last of your weed without telling you, will drink your vodka and fill it up with water, completely inconsiderate to others and their belongings ,especially close friends and family members, when he is a roommate he wont throw down on toilet paper because he "doesnt shit as much as the rest of you" his appearance is usually dirty with struggling looking facial hair and clothes he "borrowed from you" will stay up to 2 o clock in the morning until you go to sleep so he can eat your food
Christian: hey can i have a slice of pizza
Derek: we asked you if you wanted to throw down 30 minutes ago and you said you werent hungry
Christian: can i please just have one slice
Derek: no you fuckin CDB(cheap dirty bastard)
by derek and rick December 19, 2007
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