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The bravery and courage one feels as they listen to a piece of audio, inspiring them to begin singing in a public place as the music easily masks their quavering voice. Commonly, the person experiencing this CD courage has a terrible voice, but since their voice can not be heard over the music, they hear the authentic vocals and believe they have actual vocal talents which, in fact, is not true. This may lead to singing while no music is playing, sometimes resulting in a loss of friends and severe embarassment.
Brad: Isn't this your favorite song?
Sarah: Yeah, this is!
<Sarah begins to sing softly>
<Sarah's courage builds>
<The song stops and Sarah continues to sing>
Brad: Stop singing. You have no talent at all.
<Sarah's friends leave>
Brad: Man, she must have had some serious CD courage..
by Bryceter June 22, 2007
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