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people that work at christ church high school that are absolute dip shits that are always seemin to have affairs amongst one another seriously gay (eg.Mr Chaplin)and his counterpart in gay activity Mr browning.
not forgetting poor mr captin prickard general of the fucked up science department and his but ugly slut of a wife that has an absolute problem with little people Mrs Bitchard whom always r going out the classroom to 'get something from the prep room' we all know its a quick fuck!!!! they cant deny it! and y they cling on to that old mangy crinckled up drinkin DURIN CLASS spendin half her time pissed mrs wardlow and thats a pretty gd sum up of out school and i really think Mr gilbert SQUARE HEAD!!!!!! coz we also know he lives in a poorter loo under the school. and i also think those new cupboards in the maths department in the new bulding are door and meet so they can have quick gaysex between lessons well hope u enjoy the school
ooh wats dat?
oh ok carry on
by CCHS May 31, 2004
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